Deans welcome

dr. sc. Monika Tomić, red. prof

Dean’s Welcome

I want to welcome all visitors to the website of the Faculty of Pharmacy. I express a special greeting to first-year students and students of senior years. Welcome and have a successful academic year.

The Faculty of Pharmacy is not old, but it is evolving into an excellent and functional academic institution. The aim of the Faculty is to provide continuous education and training of students, who will be pharmacists in the future and thus contribute to the health care of patients using the principles and methods of pharmaceutical and related disciplines. Pharmacy students acquire knowledge and skills for active participation in the promotion of health, prevention and treatment of disease.

As it is known, the role of modern pharmacists in providing health care is significantly different from the classic image of pharmacists who prepare and issue medicines based on prescriptions. Pharmacists are trained specialists for medicines, they advise doctors and patients about the appropriateness of medication and therapy for the treatment of certain medical conditions. In clinical teams they have to take care of the application of drugs, interactions and side effects. In the manufacture of a medicament they provide an expertise on the drug composition (chemical, biological, and physical characteristics) and the method of manufacture, storage and use of drugs.

In the chain of medical care they are key specialists who help people to achieve the best results with the available drugs. Among all medical professionals, the pharmacist is the best expert on drugs and they are more available to patients. During the education, students will gain the ability and skills related to: operational use of analytical methods and techniques, handling machines and equipment, laboratory work, qualitative and quantitative analysis in the pharmaceutics, preparation of main and galenic preparation, monitoring and improvement of processes, identifying interaction, verbal and written communication with patients, preparation and dispensing of drugs, etc ...
The Faculty of Pharmacy provides quality study due to the modern approach to curriculum, instruction and scientific research orientation as well as similarity with the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Zagreb, and comparability with similar programs in Europe.

The Faculty of Pharmacy offers a program that is directed towards students, which integrates basic science, excellent education, professional standards and ethical principles, and we want to prepare students for the challenges offered by modern pharmacy.

Therefore, dear students, be responsible and hard-working, make this the best time of your youth, develop your intellectual and spiritual abilities. Your teachers and the entire university and college community expect that from you…